Inspection Overview

The decision to sell or purchase a home is an important decision, and how better to proceed than with accurate and reliable information about the property in question. All AIM Real Estate Inspections inspectors visually evaluate all exterior and interior components and systems including the roof, foundation, basement, heating, cooling, ventilation, insulation, plumbing, structural, electrical and appliances.

Pre-List Inspection

Designed for homeowners to provide buyers and realtors with accurate information.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Designed for buyers who require a full inspection of a home’s components and major systems.

Service listing

Comprehensive and professional services Complete residential home inspections that cover every possible, visible part of the home from the roof to the foundation One-Year New Home Warranty Inspections Pre-listing inspections New construction inspections (phase) 3rd Party inspections Single and multi-family dwelling inspections Commercial Inspections Follow-up inspections Pre-remodeling inspections Inspectors have conducted more than 7,500 home

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